Born 1985, Tokyo, Japan

Lives and works in Aichi, Japan


“I have been thinking about people’s consciousness.  For example, where does consciousness come from? Will it eventually disappear? Can we say my consciousness is mine? We will never run out of these questions. I have been using mezzotint because of the deep tone made by this technique can express a strong presence. Consciousness is invisible but, through my work, I would like to depict it as something with a strong sense of existence…”



2004-2009       BA, Fine Arts-Painting, Printmaking, Mushashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan

2009-2011       MA, Fine Arts-Printmaking, Mushashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan

2017                Artist in Residence, Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvik, Norway

2018                Artist in Residence, Mustarinda, Hyrynsalmi, Finland

2019                Artist in Residence, Dar Sidi Slimane, Casablanca, Morocco

Solo Exhibitions         Crystal-Raindrops-Starlight, Gallery face to face, Tokyo, Japan /2019/; Asumi Hayashi Etching Works, Art Space 88, Tokyo, Japan; Asumi Hayashi, Art Gallery Muse, Gunma, Japan; Rain and a Dream of Early Morning, Gallery face to face, Tokyo, Japan; Dream of Memories, Galerie Turm, Akita, Japan; Story of a Summer Night, Jalk Cofee, Tokyo, Japan; Water goes to Deep, Sounds of Silent, Gallery Café 3, Tokyo, Japan /2018/; Entrance, Jalk Cofee, Tokyo, Japan; Bouquet, Galleria Aoeko, Tokyo, Japan; A Waterfall that appears and disappears, Gallery Café 3, Tokyo, Japan; Rain which disappears in the Air, Jinen Gallery, Tokyo, Japan /2017/.

Group Exhibitions    the beginning – ALIVE, Gallery face to face, Tokyo, Japan; A New Wave of Japanese Printmaking, Epreuve d’Artiste, Antwerp, Belgium; A Spring and Flowers, Gallery Nenohoshi, Tokyo, Japan; One Man Show+, Gallery face to face, Tokyo, Japan; 5th IMF, Art Center Glavniy Prospekt, Ekaterinburg, Russia /2019/; New+S, Galleria Aoneko, Tokyo, Japan; Tsuuhanseikatsu, Bunpodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan; Door is open, Gallery face to face, Tokyo, Japan; Colorless but Colorful, Yuki-Sis, Tokyo, Japan; 10th Anniversary, Gallery face to face, Tokyo, Japan; Kaleidoscope, Gallery Cafe 3, Tokyo, Japan /2017, 2018/; A Selected Contemporary Artist of Mezzotint, Heihatciro Museum, Aichi, Japan; Contemporary Art from Japan 3, Södertälje, Sweden; Likk 1988-2018, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Ishikawa, Japan /2018/; Art is “Fuku-warai”; Assortment of Cat; One Man Show, Gallery Aoneko, Tokyo, Japan /2017/.

Public Collections      Machidacity Museum of Graphic Arts, Japan; Shanghai Peninsula Art Museum, Shanghai, China; Hambis Printmaking Museum, Cyprus. email: facebook:

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