Born 1962, Kuldīga, Latvia

Lives and works in Riga, Latvia

“I’m fascinated by the possibility of achieving an extra dimension in the dialogue of space and object, simultaneously preserving real or seemingly real worlds. The reflection on a sphere distorts the visible world. Or, on the contrary, the realty does not correspond to the reflection. Where it is that realty ends and illusion begins?”



1982-1988       Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Graphic Art, Riga, Latvia

1998                MA, Fine Arts, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

1999-present   Head, Department of Graphic Art, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

2004-present   Professor, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

Member          Artist’s Union of Latvia


2017                Prize for Full Correspondence of Technique and Imagery, 4th IMF, Ekaterinburg, Russia

2009                Prize, International Print triennial, Krakow, Poland; Purchase Prize, 15th Space International Print Biennial, Seoul, South Korea

2008                1st Prize, 1st Printmaking Triennial, Thessaloniki, Greece

2007                Jury’s Encouragement Prize, Aomori Print Triennial, Aomori, Japan

1995                1st Prize, 8th International Print Biennial, Varna, Bulgaria; Prize, 10th Tallinn Print Triennial, Tallinn, Estonia; Honorable Mention, 11th International Print Triennial, Friedrikstad, Norway

1993                Jury Prize, 1st International Print Biennial, Maastricht, the Netherlands

About 30 solo and 150 group projects and exhibitions worldwide.

Solo Exhibitions/selected/

G. Sietins, 5th IMF, Ekaterinburg, Russia /2019/; Squaring the Circle, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia; Reale Surreale. I. Orosz, G. Sietins, Gallery dell’Incisione, Brescia, Italy; Sulle Orme di Escher. I. Orosz, G. Sietins, Galatina, Matera, Italy; Characters and Signs, Gallery Engram, Katowice, Poland/2016/; Realty, Fascination, Illusion. I. Orosz, G. Sietins, Budapest, Hungary /2014/; Fire Wall, Gallery Maksla XO, Riga, Latvia; Characters, Gallery Manière Noire, Berlin, Germany /2013/; Gallery Kairė-Dešinė, Vilnius Graphic Art Center, Lithuania /2012/; Unicode, Gallery Mare Liberum, Hamburg, Germany /2011/; Print Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania /2007/; Kunsterhouse Hohenossig, Leipzig, Germany; Grafikens Hus Gallery, Marienfred, Sweden /2006/; Black No. 55981, National Latvian Art Museum, Riga, Latvia /2003/; Gallery Fotostudija 1, Boston, USA /1998/; G. Sietins/ A. Kalnac, National Museum of Art, Kaunas, Lithuania /1993/

Group Exhibitions/selected/

International Silk Road Festival, Xi’an, China /2019/; International Mini Print Triennial, Tokyo, Japan /2018, 2008/; 4th IMF, Ekaterinburg, Russia /2017/; International Print Triennial, Krakow, Poland /2017, 2012, 2009/; Expanding the Scope of Printmaking, Tayouan, Taiwan /2017, 2012, 2009/; 4th, 2nd Bangkok Triennial, Bangkok, Thailand /2015, 2008/; Time of the Mezzotint, Tokyo, Japan; Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia; Grafik aus Lettland, Bad Steben, Germany /2014/; 15th Space International Print Biennial, Seoul, South Korea /2009/; Bridges over the Mediterranean and the Baltic, International Printmaking Triennial, Thessaloniki, Greece; Masters of Mezzotint, San Francisco USA /2008/; Aomori Print Triennial, Japan; The Soul of the Black Manner, International Print Exhibition, Trento, Italy /2007/.

Collections      private collections as well as numerous national galleries, museums worldwide.

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