Born 1955 / Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia



1974 – 1978                             Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University, Department of Science of Visual Arts, Bratislava

1994                                        Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture of France, Bordeaux, France


1978 – 1980                             Assistant Curator, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava

1980 – 1999                             Editor in Chief, monthly Revue Piešťany

1990 – 1999                             Director, Municipal Cultural Centre, Piešťany

1999 – 2003                             Editor, the Economic Journal, Bratislava

2002                                        Exposition of Slovak Republic in the Cabinet of Commissioner Gunter Verheugen, Gallery of Contemporary art of artists

2003                                       Runs her own art agency 3 COM ART

2003                                        launched, conceptually preparing and implementing the international project BRIDGES

Since 2001                              co – organizer of the international print symposiums, Slovakia

2009                                        Mayor of the city of Piešťany Award for Cultural Achievement for International Project Bridges, Slovakia


Since 1982                              Member, Slovak Syndicate of Journalists

Since 1999                              Manager, Association of Slovak Printmakers

Since 2007                              Member, Council of the Fine Arts Fund, Bratislava, Slovakia

Since 2007                              President, Association of Slovak Visual Arts

2014                                        Honorable Member, Society of Scottish Artists, Scotland

Since 1976 she has prepared and curated more than 200 solo and group exhibitions of Slovak artists in Slovakia and abroad in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and Slovak Embassies in Belgium, Cyprus, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Norway, Finland, Greece, Austria, the Netherlands, USA, Taiwan, Scotland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and others.

Catalogue Editor and Publisher

2005                                        Plein Air Liptov-Miracles of the Nature, ISBN 80-969426-9-7

2009                                        Danubiart-Contemporary Slovak and Hungarian Art

2010                                        Contemporary Slovak Glass

2010                                        Contemporary Slovak Art /the Imaginative Graphics of Albín Brunovský and his Students

A Selection

2012                                        Slovak Graphics Art classical techniques

2013                                        Visual Inspiration and Personal Quests, ISBN 987-80-971336-5-8

2014                                        New Bridges 11:11, ISBN 978-80-971656-9-7

She has been cooperating with the EA Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium for more than 20 years.

She lives in Piešťany and Jasná, Slovak Republic.

Contact: zorapetrasova@hotmail.com

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