Presentation of the exhibition:

The exhibition 60 x 60. Wondering Mind grew out of the longstanding cooperation and friendship of the Slovak curator Zora Petrášová and Chris Verheyen, printmaker and owner of the Belgium gallery Epreuve d’Artiste. They have been working together for over 20 years and their collaboration has extended to artists from 23 other countries. Zora and Chris  celebrated their 60th birthday (both of them, in March 2015) in an original way: sixty international artists from more than 20 countries have been given a copper plate with a diameter of 12 cm and have been asked to make a print on the theme “Wondering Mind”.

This project was for them a great opportunity to express through their art, to tell a story, to reveal a feeling, a thought, an emotion, to get closer to the viewer. The techniques used by them are very diverse: etching, aquatint, mezzotint, dry point, lithography, photo gravure. The international graphic art project 60 x 60. Wondering Mind reunites important artists from Belgium, France, United Kindom, Slovakia, China, Czech Republic, Scotland, Pakistan, Palestine, Canada, Ukraine, New Zealand, Romania, Canada, Nepal, Norway, The Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, South Africa, Egypt.

The inaugural opening of the exhibition took place in March 2015 at Epreuve d’Artiste Gallery in Antwerp. Since then, the exhibition has travelled in Slovakia, China, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Czech Republic, New Zeeland, Norway, The Netherlands.


About the exhibition:

I take the greatest of pleasure in introducing this exhibition which marks and celebrates this fruitful and inspirational creative allegiance that brings together so many wonderful artists and artworks together for the first time.” (Louise Ritchie, Past President SSA, friend, colleague and fellow Piscean)

“60 x 60 is a treasure trove of small masterpieces. (Nan Mulder, Member of Society of Scottish Artists, Kunstenaars Vereniging De Ploegh in the Netherlands, Edinburgh Printmakers, Central Print Council, New Zealand)


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