Galerie Epreuve d’Artiste

Galerie Epreuve d’Artiste


Mezzotint, the queen of printmaking

It was written in the stars that the widely appreciated art project The Wondering Mind 60×60, 2015, would get a sequel. Vita brevis  est.

Chris Verheyen and Zora Petrášová were invited as international jury members and curators to Ekaterinenburg in 2019 for the Queen of printmaking: the International Mezzotint Festival.

On the border between Asia and Europe, more than 70 of the 600 worldwide practitioners of the mezzotint technique came together under the inspiring leadership of Nikita Korytin, director of the Museum of Fine Arts. They met in an atmosphere of togetherness, unity and infectious enthusiasm.

It is the biennale’s great merit to give this forgotten technique a place in modern graphic art for the past ten years. The seed of this portfolio with 32 artists has sprouted in the Ural and fits perfectly into this global revival. Ars longa est.

This art edition will also travel around the world as The Wondering Mind 2.

History will judge if Chris and Zora, with their selfless and infectious enthusiasm, have left a significant mark on the increasing popularity and democratization of graphic art.

In 2021 we are looking forward to the 30th anniversary of Epreuve d’Artiste Gallery, one of oldest graphic art galleries  in Europe and in 2025 to the continuation of this never-ending Wondering Mind Story…

Jan Dockx


Cleo WilkinsonThen IV, Australiasilvana Martignoni, infinity bluesarah Gilespie, Veûká britániaErling valtyrson, Norsko






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Chris and Zoras new mezzotint friends


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