Born 1988, Chonburi, Thailand

Lives and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand

“I create my artworks with the process of graphic arts creative thinking. It express stories that reflect feelings. By use the look of old house of Chakngaeo Chinese village, in the night, feeling to show about lonely, abandoned. Beside the structure of the house, it presents the story by the surface and traces of an old dilapidated house. To convey the story of the traces of the time is the equivalent of saving the life of people via the process of mezzotint that can tell how delicate the feelings are. I studied and recorded old architecture to reflect cultural memories and stories about the architecture of the past. Because I see value and glamour being devalued today. The inspiration came from an old deteriorate wooden house structure, and I realized a new composition via graphic arts.”



2008-2013       BA Fine Arts-Printmaking, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

2014-2016       MA, Fine Arts-Printmaking, Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, Thailand

2018-               Studying DA, Arts and Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Thailand


2019                Price for Full Correspondence of Technique and Imagery, 5th IMF, Ekaretinbug, Russia

2017                1st Prize, PTT Art Awards 32, Bangkok, Thailand; Nomination, Price for Full Correspondence of Technique and Imagery, 4th IMF, Ekaretinbug, Russia

2016                2nd Asean Graphic Arts Contest and Exhibition, Hanoi, Vietnam; Prize PTT Art Awards 31, Bangkok, Thailand; Honorable Mention, 1st International Printmaking Biennial, Lodz, Poland

2015                Nomination, Price for Full Correspondence of Technique and Imagery, 3rd IMF, Ekaretinbug, Russia

2014                White Elephant Art Award, 3rd My Homeland, Bangkok, THailand

2011                Award, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

2010                Silver Medal, National Youth Art Contest no. 2, Bangkok, Thailand; Award, Chum Chonlaungprot College of Fine Art, Bangkok, Thailand; Special Award, Self-sufficiency College of Fine Arts, Bangkok, Thailand; Honorable Mention, Annual Student Contest, College of Fine Art, Bangkok, Thailand; Honorable Mention, Mother’s Day, 2550 MahaGud University, Bangkok, Thailand

Group Exhibitions/selected/

Thai-Poland International Printmaking Exhibition, Lublin, Poland /2019/; 1st Mezzotint Event, Bihar Museum, India /2018/; 6th, 4th Guanlan International Print Biennial, China /2017, 2013/; 10th Kochi International Print Triennial, Japan; Internazional de Arte Grafico, Carmen Arozena, Spain; International Print Triennial, Cieszyn, Poland /2017/; International Biennial Print Exhibition, ROC, Taiwan /2016/; 61st, 58th National Art Print Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailands /2016,2013/; Bangkok, Thailands /2014/; 16th International Biennial of Printmaking, Sarcelles, France; 2nd IMF, Ekaretinbug, Russia; Contemporary Art Exhibition of Young Artists, Bangkok, Thailand /2013/; 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Chiang Mai University, Thailand /2012/; Recruited Attending, Foundation Art Gallery and Queen Sirikit, Bangkok, Thailand; Tsunami Friend, Chiang Mai University, Thailand; YimPimjai, Chiang Mai University, Thailand /2011/; Print as Print, Chiang Mai University, Thailand /2010/; Mini Sculpture, Print and Poster, Chiang Mai University, Thailand; Watercolors, Chiang Mai University, Thailand /2009/.


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