Born 1961, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Lives and works partly in the Netherlands and Greece


“The halftones made by Koenders create the atmosphere of a mysterious world. A world that is hidden behind the abstract images. Her work may seem simple, but in all purity it creates a silent world one wants to live in. Behind the gloomy black and white is hidden, behind darkness there is light.”



1982-1986       ArtEZ, University of the Arts, Printmaking, Arnhem, the Netherlands

1989-1990       Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece

1995                Invited Artist, Symposium 50 years after, Mulheim, Germany

2015                Curatorship, “blueprint”, Dutch Printmakers Association VOG, The Hague, the Netherlands

2018                Curatorship, Dutch Printmakers, 2nd Novosibirsk Printmaking Biennial, Russia

2019                Curatorship, Printmaking against all odds, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Member          International Mezzotint Society

Awards /selected/

2019, 2011      Nomination, Grand prix, 5th, 1st IMF, Ekaterinburg, Russia

2017                Honorable Mention, 4th IMF, Ekaterinburg, Russia

2015                Winner, Ilse Boon Prize, the Netherlands; Jury Price, BAS Printmaking Price, the Netherlands


2nd International Triennial of Graphic Art, Livno, Bosnia-Herzegovina; Raumverdichting, with R. Bauman, Kalkar, Germany / 2020/; 5th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st IMF, Ekaterinburg, Russia /2019-2011/; Visiting Guest Artist, Venice, Italy; tribuna Graphic, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; 7th Gualan International Print Biennial, China /2019/; International Print Triennial, Patna, India /2018/; Salon der Künstler, Kleve, Germany; La Mezzotinta, un lenguaje unico, Aguascalintes, Mexico; Imprint 3, Curated Exhibition of Intaglio, Malta; Solo Exhibition, 4th IMF, Ekaterinburg, Russia /2017/; 8th – 6th International Printmaking Biennial, Douro, Portugal /2016-2012/; 1st International Printmaking Biennial, Łódź, Poland; 6 Dutch and German Printmakers, Kleve, Germany /2016/; Europe in the Sign, Cremona, Italy /2015/; Miniprint, Hyvinkään ,Finland; Summer Exhibition, The Hague, the Netherlands; Pulchri Studio Graphics Biennial, The Hague, the Netherlands /2014/; Where is Printmaking?, Opole, Poland; SMTG Krakow, Poland; Dalarnas Museum, Falun, Sweden /2013/; 8th Trienniale Mondiale de l’Estampe, Chamalières, France /2010/; Industry Award por Printmaking, Neerpelst, Belgium /2008/; 1st, 2nd Frisian Miniprint Biennial, Drachten, the Netherlands /2007, 2010/; international Miniprint Biennial, Cluj-Napoca, Romania /2006/; 8th, 9th, 12th International Biennial of Graphic Art, Bruges, Belgium /2000, 2002, 2009/; Gelderland Graphic Biennial, Nijmegen, the Netherlands /1999/; 8th International Graphic Biennial, Biella, Italy /1996/; Biennial Small Graphic, Susekullen, Sweden /1995/; Dutch Graphic Biennial, Maastricht, the Netherlands /1993/; Interprint, 92nd International Graphic Biennial, Lviv, Ukraine  /1992/; Intergrafica, International Graphic Biennial, Katowice, Poland /1991/; 5th Quadrennial, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia; International Print Biennial, Varna, Bulgaria /1989/.

Fellowship      Printmaking Studio Venice, Italy /2019/; Guanlan, China /2016/; O Ilios, Neapolis, Greece /1997/; Printmaking Symposium, Matra Almas, Hungary /1987/.

Artist in Residence    Artoll, Bedburg, Germany /1998/; Printmaking Studio Engramme, Québec, Canada /1994/.

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