Born 1955 / Antwerp, Belgium



1973 – 1975                 Teachers’ State College, Ghent, Prof Octave Landuyt, Belgium

1975 – 1977                Royal Academy Ghent, Department of Printmaking, Prof Roger   Wittevrongel, Belgium

1987                            Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Printmaking and Book Illustration, Prof Albín Brunovský, Bratislava, Slovakia

1979                           International School of Arts, Voss, Norway

1980                            Residence in Bratislava, Slovakia and in Prague, Czech Republic

Since 1980                 Trainings and symposiums in Europe, USA, Japan and China


1991                            Founder of the artistic Epreuve d’Artiste Gallery, Antwerp for the promotion of international printmaking

Organizer of more than 200 exhibitions of printmaking

Since 1990                 Professor of Drawing, Antwerp Grammar School of Arts, Belgium

Since 1997                 Editor of graphic portfolio’s

A sign in heaven

Graphic art beyond borders, 57 Flemish and Walloon artistes Schelmen, 12 international artists

60 x 60 The wondering mind (together with Zora Petrášová)

Since 1977 group exhibitions in Europe, Japan, China, America and solo exhibitions – Gallery Marca, Mariakerke, Belgium; Gallery H.B.K., Antwerp, Belgium; Cyclus Young Graphics, Antwerp, Belgium; Gallery “the golden table”, Brussels, Belgium; Art Room Manebrugge, Antwerp, Belgium; Open Studio, Antwerp, Belgium; AVA Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium; Presentation art folder “a sign in heaven”, lithography and poems about the Chinese horoscope; Gallery Ligna, Mechelen, Belgium; Gallery Maksheim, Merksem, Belgium; Cultural Centre, Piešťany, Slovakia; Open Studio, Antwerp South, Belgium; Epreuve d’Artiste Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium; Gallery Patro, Ostrava, Czech Republic; Hollar, Prague, Czech Republic; Art Gallery, Chengdu, China. Since 1991 she has organized a large number of exhibitions in her Epreuve d’Artiste Gallery

She lives in Lier and Antwerp, Belgium.


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