Born 1938 / Alexandria, Egypt



1962                            Alexandria College of Fine Arts, Department of Printmaking, Egypt


‎1962                            Appointed Tutor, Alexandria College of Fine Arts, Egypt

‎1967                            Professor, Academy of Fine Art, Dusseldorf, Germany

‎1980                            Ph.D. degree, Academy of ‎Fine Arts, Nuremberg, Germany

1982                           Visiting artist/guest lecturer, Academy of Arts, Nuremberg, Germany

1984                            Visiting ‎Professor, Academy of Fine Arts, Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Germany

1999                            Visiting Professor, University of Zeigen, Germany ‎

Since 1985                  Professor of Printmaking, Alexandria College of Fine Arts, Egypt

1990 1994                  Cultural Counselor and Head of the Student Fellowship Mission with the rank of ‎the Minister Plenipotentiary to the Slovak Republic and Austria

‎                                    Professor of Art Appreciation, Arab Academy of Technology, Egypt‎

1995                            Vice Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria, Egypt


1992                            Member, UNIDO and Observer of UNESCO, Vienna, Austria

1996                            Member, Specialized National Commissions for Arts & Culture, Egypt

1997‎                            Expert, Committee for Information, Culture & Tourism of the Peoples Assembly, Egypt‎

2001                           Member, State Committee for Creativity and Sponsorship

2000‎                            Member, Alexandria Tourism Organization Committee for the Alexandria ‎Library, Egypt

Professional Activities

1973                           Art Consultant for the Tourism Organization, Alexandria, Egypt

1981                           Art Consultant for the ‎Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

1982                           Art Consultant for the Alexandria Biennale of the Mediterranean ‎Countries, Egypt

1985                            Elected reporter of the Alexandria Plastic Artists Syndicate’s Cultural Committee, Egypt

1975 – 1994                organized more than 80 exhibitions of the ‎contemporary Egyptian art ‎

Participated in official art delegations to France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Syria, Lebanon, ‎Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Iraq, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, ‎Bangladesh, Hungary, Austria.‎ Since 1962 many group exhibitions in Egypt and abroad, represented Egypt at four Alexandria Biennales and in ‎Biennales in France, Greece, Italy, ‎Norway, Poland, Bulgaria, Japan, Germany, UK, Hungary and Bangladesh. On behalf of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture organized many cultural and artistic activities in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, ‎Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and Czech Republic and 46 solo exhibitions in Egypt, Europe, Arab Countries and USA.

He lives in Alexandria, Egypt.

Contact: j_shehata@yahoo.de

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