Born 1952 / Oslo, Norway



1972 – 1976                 State College of Arts and Crafts, SHKS, Oslo, Norway

1976 – 1977                 State College of Arts and Crafts, Department of Printmaking, SHKS, Oslo, Norway

1977 – 1981                 Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Printmaking, Prof. Orest Dubay, Bratislava, Slovakia

1997 – 1999                 BA (Hons), History of Arts and Russian-Eastern European University Oslo, Norway

2003 – 2004                 Postgraduate Studi, Norwegian National Academy of Arts, Oslo, Norway

2005                            MA (Hons), History of Arts


1981, 1982, 1984        Atelier Lacouriere et Frelaut, Paris, France

1979                            Center of Printmaking, Frans Masareel, Kasterlee, Belgium

1980                            Kunstenaarcentrum – de Olefant, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

1983                             Kiyoharu Art Colony, Yamanashi-ken, Japan

1988                            Kala Institute, Berkeley, USA

1989                            Rutgers Experimental Workshop, New Persey State University, USA

1989                            Rugg Road Paper and Prints, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

2006                            Mauritius

2007                            New Aalesund, Svalbard (Spitsbergen), Norway

Awards (selected)

2004                            Arild Wahlstrøm Piccasso Award, Norway

2002                            Cultural Grant of the City of Oslo, Norway

2001                            Norwegian Artists Honorary Award

1992                            Honorary Prize, Paperworks III., Dundee, Scotland

1987                          Honorary Prize, Space Biennale of Printmaking, South Korea


Norwegian Visual Artists, Norwegian Painter Association, Norwegian Printmakers Association

1997 – 2000, 2001 – 2002        Appointed by the Ministry of Culture to the Norwegian State Commission for UNESCO

Currently                   Vice President of the International Association of Art IAA/AIAP

Her artworks, paintings, installations and prints are in public collections in Norway and abroad and has been exhibited worldwide – USA, Norway, Slovakia, Serbia, Italy, China, Germany, Mexico, Denmark, Indonesia, Lebanon. She has been teaching classes in several academies and is now working as an art consultant for the Norwegian State Fund for art in public spaces.

She lives in Oslo, Norway.

Contact: grete.,

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