Lihui CAI

Lihui CAI

Lihui CAI

Born 1980 / Kunming, China



2002 – 2006     Sichuan Normal University Academy of Fine Arts Chendu, China


2014                Director, Department of Printmaking, Academy of Fine Arts Sichuan Normal University

2014                Works in Studio of Longquan Mountain, Chendu, China

2014               Conference of the Sichuan Province Artists Association

2009, 2010, 2011        Works in Studio of Blue roof Youth Art Village, Chendu, China

Since 2003     organization and management of log carved engraving association


Member, China Artists Association

Vice President and Secretary General, Chengdu City Association of Printmaking Art Committee


2008                Edition of the book, Watermark detector materials and techniques


2014               Exhibition, Hero alliance Museum of Contemporary Art, Chendu, China

2014              Exhibition, Museum of Sichuan Province, Chengdu, China

2013                Exhibition, International Contemporary, Beijing, China

Exhibition, Art Fair, Shenzhen, China

Exhibition, Art Fair, Hongkong, China

Exhibition, Sichuan Normal University, Southwest University, Chengdu, China

2012                Exhibition, Yijia International Gallery, Chendu, China

Exhibition of new rural impression – national print works, Bazhong, China

2011               Exhibition, George Mason University, USA

Mirror View, Female Artists Joint Exhibition, Chendu, China

2010                Exhibition at Chengdu Art Museum, Chendu, China

Exhibition at Guanlan International Woodcut Biennial, Shenzhen,China

2009              Exhibition at Maryland State University, USA

2008               Exhibition at Edinburg University, Britain

2007               18th National Woodcut Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2005               17th National Woodcut Exhibition, Guiyang, China

2004               10th National Art Exhibition, Chendu, China


Nanjing Art Museum, Nanjing; Zhejiang Art Museum, Zhejiang; Huamao Art Museum, Zhejiang, Guiyang Art Museum, Guiyang; Shengzhou Woodcut Museum, Chendu, China.

She works as a printmaker. She lives in Chengdu, China.


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