Born 1977, Minsk, Belarus

Lives and works in Minsk, Belarus

“Using traditional medium – stone lithography, Sustov creates prints that mix fantasy and fairy tales with a modern sensibility. He is well known internationally for his ex libris prints.”



1994-2001       Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Art Faculty, Department of Graphic Arts, Minsk, Belarus

2001-2005       Academic Art Painting Studio, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus

2013-               Lecturer and Master of Printmaking, Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Art Faculty, Department of Graphic Arts, Minsk, Belarus

Member          Artists’ Union of Belarus


2016, 2018      1st Prize, 5th Biennial of Belarusian Art, Minsk, Belarus

2014                Diploma, International Biennale of Small Graphic Forms, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland

2013                Diploma, 1st International Printmaking Competition, Granada, Spain

2011                Grand Prix, 10th Biennale Internazionale per l’Incisione, Acqui Terme, Italy

2010                1st Prize, FISAE Istanbul, Turkey

2007                1st Prize, International Ex libris Biennial, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

2004                1st Prize, National Graphic Exhibition, New Names, Minsk, Belarus

2002                Grand Prix, National Exhibition Artist & Book, Minsk, Belarus

2000                2nd Prize, National Graphic Exhibition, New Names, Minsk, Belarus

Solo Exhibitions/selected/

Arrival, National Museum of Fine Arts, Minsk, Belarus; SIEAC Art Gallery, Tianjin, China /2017, 2019/; Wanderer, Museum of Modern Fine Art, Vitebsk, Belarus /2012/; Epreuve d’Artiste, Antwerp, Belgium /2011/; Miniprint, SIEAC Art Gallery, Tianjin, China; Exlibris, Kunstmuseum, Frederikshavn, Denmark /2010/; Evening Guest, Nordwalde Gallery, Münster, Germany /2004/; The Sea of Silence, M Gallery, Minsk, Belarus /2003/.

Group Exhibitions/selected/

Silk Road, International Exhibition of Modern Printmaking, Dunhuang, China; Win-Win Cooperation, International Exhibition of Modern Printmaking Tianjin, China /2018/; Group Exhibition of Belarusian Printmaking, Tradition and Modern Days, Prague, Czech Republic /2017/; Tokyo International Mini Print Triennial, Japan /2015/; 1st International Biennial Exhibition of Printmaking, In Search of the Lost Paradise, Granada, Spain /2013, 2015/;10th International Ex libris Competition, Aqui Terme, Italy /2011/; 22nd International Biennial Exlibris, Malbork, Poland /2009/; Belarusian Printmaking, Yerevan, Armenia /2007/; 11th, 12th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition, Taiwan /2004, 2006/; 11th International Art Exhibition, Osaka, Japan /2001/.

Collections      galleries, museums and private collections in USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, Japan, Russia, Armenia, China and Belarus.

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