Born 1963, Winchester, United Kingdom

Lives and works in Devon, United Kingdom

Collected internationally, her meticulously produced drawings and prints are full of ecologycal and Taoist philosophy meanings. She says about her work:

“Everything begins with stepping outside. The whole work is about how to step over one’s own threshold, outside of oneself and make enough space to allow existence – specifically the existence of the more-than-human world to present itself. All my work is founded on walking, drawing, memory and long, careful observation. I try to be quiet and attend to what is here. Drawing then becomes not only a way of speaking about the world, it is also a communicative engagement with the world. It is a way of bringing forth a world that refuses to be reduced to objects but is laden with meaning.”



1980-1981       Atelier Neo-Medici, Paris, 16th/17th C. Methods and Materials, Paris France

1981-1985       BA, Fine Arts, Oxford University, Pembroke College, UK; Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Arts, Oxford, UK

Member          Arborealist Group, EU

2016                Elected Academician, Royal West of England Academy, UK


2019                Prize for Adhering to the Traditions and Skills of Graphical Work, 5th IMF, Ekaterinburg, Russia

1985                Elisabeth Greenshield’s International Award for Figurative Art, Canada

Solo Exhibitions    Beaux Arts Gallery, London, UK /2019, 2017, 2015/; Beaux Arts Gallery, Bath, UK /2015, 2013, 2012/; Portland Gallery, London, UK /2011/; Waterhouse & Dodd London, UK /2007, 2005/ New Street Gallery, Plymuth, UK /2002/; Ariel Centre, Devon, UK / 1999/.

Group Exhibitions    Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK; 5th IMF, Ekaterinburg, Russia /2019/; Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London, UK /2018/; Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Art, London, UK / 2017-2015, 2013-2012/; 4 Artists Exhibition, Tree, Beaux Arts Gallery /2013/; 2 Artists Exhibition, Portland Gallery, London, UK /2010/; Concepts in Realism, Las Manos Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA /2006/; Contemporary Realists, Gallery North, Toledo, USA /1999/; Atelier Neo-Medici Retrospective, Gallery Revel, New York, NY, USA /1990/.

Publications   The Slapton Ley Project – Pub. White Lane Press; A View from the Boathouse Window, Poems by Brian Patten, Pub. Sharpham Trust; On Presence – Essays | Drawings, with P. Reason, Pub. The Letterpress

Artist in residence    Dartington Arts, Dartington Hall Trust, Devon, UK /2018/; Irving Residency, Albi, France /2017, 2015/; Kestle Barton, Cornwall, UK /2013/; Sharpham House Trust, Devon, UK /2007/.

Collections      Merryl Lynch Bank, UK; Rolls Royce; Victoria Gallery, Bath, UK; Government Offices for the South West, UK; Royal West of England Academy; Rowcroft Hospice, UK; Sharpham Trust, UK; Chatsworth House, UK; Rothschilds; Damien Hirst, UK; Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts, Russia.

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