Veerle ROOMS

Veerle ROOMS

Veerle ROOMS

Born 1947 / Sint-Niklaas, Belgium



1967                            Institute Sint-Maria, Antwerp, Belgium

1974                            Specialization Printmaking, Belgrade (former Yugoslavia)

1979                            National Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Antwerp

1981                            Specialization Heliogravure, New York, USA

1985                            Specialization relief printing, Tokyo; Paper (making) art, Koshi, Japan

1986                            Specialization Monotype, Portland, USA

1998                            Specialization Acrylic Resist Etching and Photo-Polymer Film, Edinburgh, Scotland

2000                            Specialization Digital Prints, Boston, USA


1970 – 2007                 Teacher, Carolus Magnus-College, Antwerp, Belgium

1986                            Portland State University, Stanford University California, USA

1987                            Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, the Netherlands

1994                            Fundacio Pilar i Joan Miro-Mallorca, Spain

1995- 2012                  TWA Johannesburg, South Africa

1997                            Syracuse University New York, Tamarind Institute New Mexico, University of Nebraska, Omaha, School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, USA

1998                            University of Stellenbosch, Belleville-Cape town, South Africa

2001                            Printsaurus, Sôkei Art School, Musashino Art University Tokyo, Japan

2003                            Georgia State University Atlanta, USA

2007                            Christchurch, New Zealand

2009                            Novokuznetsk, Russia

2002 – 2015                 President StAP vzw, Studio Artistic Project


1975                            Laureate of the Belgian Foundation Roeping, Belgium

1977                            Provincial Prize for Printmaking, Antwerp, Belgium

1985                            Distinction by the Ministry of the Flemish Community as appreciation and encouragement of her artistic achievement, Belgium

1989                            Winning Work, Biennial for Printmaking, Wakayama, Japan

1991                            Winning Work, International Triennial against War, Lublin, Poland

Special Prize, IWA Foundation, former Czechoslovakia

1996                            Grand Prix, International Biennale of Graphic Art, Cuprum, Poland

Projects 2000 – 2014

2002                           Veerle Rooms, Contemporary Graphic Art, KBC Antwerp, Belgium

2003                           De Rebus, Project with 7 Flemish Printmakers, 7 Writers

2004 – 2005             E-POS I Personal Vocabulary, Belgium, South Africa

2004 – 2009             5 Days in September, Belgium, Russia

2005 – 2006             Zand-Steen/Stein-Sand: Belgium, Switzerland

2006 – 2007             E-POS II Cross-Pollination, Belgium, South Africa

2008 – 2010             Our Soldiers, Belgium, New Zealand

2009                          Flemish-Estonian Dialogue, Liaison Agency Flanders, Europe

2011 – 2012               Belgium and Japan, Tosei Print Exchange Printsaurus, Kyoto University of Art, Prints Tokyo, Museum of Ueno, Tokyo, Japan

2012                            Johannesburg Artist Proof Studio and University of Johannesburg, South Africa

2014                            Myths and Marks, Belgium, Russia, Belgium


She has participated in a large number of group exhibitions. In all of her work and artistic activities she pays a great deal of attention to continuous experimenting with classic techniques by mixing them with the newest digital techniques in various workshops. To achieve this, she keeps pace with the creative development of new generation of printmakers. At the end of 2002 an abundantly illustrated monograph about the life and work of VEERLE ROOMS in a national and international context was printed by publishing house Lannoo.

She lives in Antwerp, Belgium.


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