60×60 The Wondering Mind

60×60  The Wondering Mind

60×60 The Wondering Mind

Sixty international artists from more than 20 countries as varied as Pakistan, Palestina, Ukraine, Belgium, Nepal and New Zealand, were given a copper plate with a diameter of 12 cm and asked to make a print on the theme ‘the Wondering Mind’. Besides a few artist proofs for the sponsors, everyone agreed to print an edition of 60. The organizers are hoping to show the resulting exhibition in 60 venues all over the world.

This unusual initiative grew out of the longstanding cooperation and friendship of the Slovak curator Zora Petrášová and the Belgium gallery owner and printmaker Chris Verheyen. For more than 20 years they have been working together and their cooperation has even extended to 23 other countries. They both had their 60th birthday early in March 2015 and this was their way to celebrate and cope with the event. A beautiful catalogue was printed and 60×60 opened with a big party on 6 March in gallery Epreuve d’Artiste in Antwerp. After this first showing, the project travelled to Slovakia in April 2015, before it started its route around the globe. In June it can be seen in China and Japan, followed by Romania, Bulgaria and Norway. More venues are in the pipeline and still looked for. The journey can be followed on the Facebook page ‘Zora Chris’.

The resulting exhibition is a real treat. Over the years many excellent printmakers have exhibited under initiatives by Zora and Chris, who are both much liked. As a result the invited artists didn’t just wanted to make a good print, but also a beautiful birthday present for those two tireless supporters of the art of printmaking. All intaglio techniques are represented (plus one lithograph).

60×60 is a treasure trove of small masterpieces.


Nan Mulder

Member of Society of Scottish Artists, Kunstenaars Vereniging De Ploegh in the Netherlands,

Edinburgh Printmakers, Central Print Council, New Zealand.

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