My artistic journey since 2011 has been sprinkled with what has been a sweet and sparkly exchange of experiences and laughter shared with the formidable, powerful and simply wonderful wild women of Belgium and Slovakia. Two in particular, Zora Petrasova and Chris Verheyen. These longtime friends have afforded me and my artist colleagues, immeasurable exhibiting opportunities and adventures that have shaped and informed my view of print, artistic practice and put simply, what it means to be an artist.

I met Zora in Slovakia in 2011, when exhibiting with the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) during the wonderful Bridges Mosty IX International Exhibition and Exchange Program. As part of the Scottish exchange, the SSA was featured in that year’s exhibition. I then met Chris the following year in Slovakia during the final Bridges Mosty X event and most recently last year, during a trip to Antwerp to meet them both and discuss 60×60 with current SSA President Gayle Nelson. It was intriguing to observe the relationship between Zora and Chris and their deep and enduring friendship which would erupt into laughter across what seemed like several different languages at once. It is clear to all of us who have enjoyed their company that they have a very special friendship, the kind that only time, shared experiences and a kindred spirit can foster.

I take the greatest of pleasure in introducing this catalogue which marks and celebrates this fruitful and inspirational creative allegiance that brings together so many wonderful artists and artworks together for the first time.

Congratulations dear Chris and Zora…


Louise Ritchie

Past President SSA, friend, colleague and fellow Piscean


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